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Air cleaning for outer wall of

Air cleaning for outer wall of
&Nbsp;   high-rise cleaners, senior high-rise glass-curtain cleaning, the outer wall whitewashes, high wall advertising installation because high-rise outside wall there is danger and complexity of the project, so the work has to have considerable scientific and professional.
&Nbsp;   air cleaning external wall construction:
&Nbsp;   according to the service area, the project is more difficult, and require time to determine need several people to clean (professional talk called "a couple of ropes, a few back plate"). Spider-man is difficult, dangerous.   Our construction personnel are professionally trained and have many Spider-Man experience. We've been sit crane rope cleaning method:
&Nbsp;   1, slings (Spider-man rope and the multiplicity of nylon rope, diameter 18 mm lag is 240000 Newton-in-two and a half tons or so).
&Nbsp;   2, hanger plate (made of ash wood).
&Nbsp;   3, steel wire rope (diameter 10 mm).
&Nbsp;   4, u-crab buckle (steel).
&Nbsp;   more than 4 are assembled into a seated upper hanger plate.
&Nbsp;   select a fixed place to tie the rope at the top, such as cooling tower or tower ventilation hood, the rope to tie a few more laps, repeated loading test to guarantee. All rope lift angle, take the ribs and lift canopies, rubber bottom, to prevent friction. Lifting slings in u-crab buckle on the Board play a special knot, PCB plug hanging barrel, which contained less than half barrel glass NET (potions). Staff with a glass cleaning, water, cloth, you can Board began work on, because there is a special button, so at work, ceiling will not slip. Control rope, be free to operate, simply put up a rope slipping, sliding as much as mentioned, how fast sliding fast. Until the end (high stucco works and the same).   An air cleaning workers can complete 200 square meters of glass cleaning. In ensuring the safety of the air cleaner outer wall glass case, to ensure the quality of both matches. BACK